Archie Talley Motivational Speaker Reviews

Here’s what teachers, students and principals are saying about Archie Talley’s presentation:

Dr. Tom McHeel, Superintendent
New Hanover County Schools
Wilmington, NC

"I find your ingredients of Life to be a powerful and meaningful message for young people today. Your ideas are sound and your message is clear."

Nathan Ramacho, Student
Bush Elementary School
Seattle, Washington

"Thank you for coming all the way to Washington and for teaching us that there's nothing we can't do"

Sandy Darlington, Teacher
Rosemont Elementary School
West Viriginia

"I pray that your message will follow them through the rest of their school and home lives. They so desperately need that extra edge that clean living and determination can offer them."

Joe Bullington, Principal
Chesnee High School
South Carolina

"We see many students with tremendous potential who simply 'slide by' each year... I personally believe you touched many of our students and, as an adult, it helped me to hear what you had to say."

Jessica Halstead, Student
Ford Elementary School
Dunbar, West Virginia

"I know now that I can do anything if I put my mind to it. I got a lot out of what you said and I will remember it for a long time."

Roshanna C. Calvin, Student
Caroline High School
Ruther Glen, Virginia

"Once I heard your presentation, the word 'can't' is out of my vocabulary and I have seen a lot of changes in my grades, personal life and my job. THANKS! I needed that push!" 

Sarah Riffle,
High School Student
Huntington, West Virginia

"I don't think I have ever ben so attentive toward a speaker. If I blinked I would have missed something. Thank you so much for the motivation and confidence you have instilled in me."

Vicky Arose, Teacher
Moorefield, West Virginia

"It is because of people like you who care enough to try and make a difference in young peoples' lives... that my job as a teacher is such and easy one. Children touch all of our lives and really did make a difference."

Duane A, Dober, Principal
Sisterville Elementary School
West Virginia

"While others may present similar material and information to youngsters, few do so with the intensity , personal commitment and sincere concern that permeated your presentation. You are an exceptional role model for young people as well as the old-timers who were fortunate enough to hear you speak."